thanks for checking in again. so these last few weeks have been a little...crazy.

i found an opportunity to challenge the biggest wax hater and i won the challenge. even after winning the challenge, he still has continued to provide me with hate mail....and not just from him!

so i digress...i feel maybe showing the positive will negate all the negativity that he shows. so here goes!

as a previous blog states, i started my locks more like the knotty boy way. i had no idea. to quote a good friend of mine "it looked easy on youtube!". anyways, i got this garbage from sally's. it was petro based and slimy, nasty, smelled ... ok, yeah it kinda smelled too. anyways, after a few uses and more internet research, found that if i choose to use wax, i shouldnt use something with petro cuz it could cause slippage. i stumbled onto soaring eagles website. in my opnion, i have never seen a more negative website. in reading what there was, i found so much complaining, name calling, childish behavior that i stepped away. it was terrible. i landed on www.dreadheadhq.com and it was positive and friendly. i ordered the kit and began the journey for real. i used dhhq wax for a month and then switched to the a/b routine. in under 4 months, i was locked and things were amazing! i met some people that i though would change my life...encouraged them on their journey and now they are backstabbing. have i gone out of my way to publically tell what i know? nope. cuz that isnt the right thing to do on any level...but power to those that think bashing people is honestly a good way to go about things. i have turned the other cheek and figure if they want to make themselves look like the people they really are...well, thats on them. what amazes me is that they still claim they will use dhhq product...but why should they if their day is centered around bashing it?

anyways, i think my point to this blog it to tell people that the dhhq wax DOES work. i read on a forum its like toothpaste. in small doses its ok, in large doses its not. moderation is the key to everything except chocolate. chocolate must be consumed in mass quantities! anyways, if you misuse something, its not the companies fault when they even tell you to not misuse the stuff!

i am continuing on my dreadlock journey with my head held high and love helping others get the dreadlocks they wanted or maintenance cuz they got lazy. this journey has taught me so much about me and about other people. i must admit...being called a liar, troll and psycho cuz i believe what i believe...well, even God said that people will get made fun of if they believe him. im not saying jonny is a god (sorry man!)...but i am saying that his stuff has worked for me.

his most recent pic makes me giggle...so im enclosing it for your viewing pleasure.

peace love and locks (i like how ive been using this tag line for awhile and someone took it to make a group. glad to know my ideas are just that good!).