so ive decided i need to blog about whats on my mind. ive been given the most incredible chance to open a salon that is a dreadlock only salon and be one of the first to be certified by DHHQ as a dreadlock specialist. i mean, dreadlocks changed my life...i cannot even explain it..and when i do some get it, some laugh and others just think im crazy. well, crazy may be close but nevertheless....

i have made some very amazing friends along this journey. many thanks to facebook for this! the dhhq page is one i frequent often and LOVE helping people out with their dreadlock journey. even traveling to help people get work done has been a highlight. this journey is only third to the one i have with god and with my son.

i have learned that there are 2 types of people in EVERY stereotype. the first kind of person thinks with their heart and with what feels right. i dont always do lots of book research, i dont sit through countless lectures. i go with what is thrown my way and i decide how i feel about it. then there are those that study EVERYTHING to the n'th degree. i dont mind those kind of people, i just tend to not get along with them as well. i would prefer to learn from life than a textbook.

so in contact with the right people, this salon will be happening...just not as i was thinking. i will be doing it from here for now..then as soon as i am able, i will be relocating it. i will have a place for fellow DHHQ users to sell their things, local place for people to buy DHHQ stuff, my salted earth stuff...it should be pretty awesome. i mean come on, a life where you are helping people do something that means something to them. that is just amazing!

i am feeling raw over a set of circumstances that have transpired over the last few days...sitting here just gnawing on the fat and trying to figure out what i will do with what has happened. sigh. life isnt supposed to be so complicated...or is it?

im off to go hear the wonderful music of www.robinmark.com in syracuse. hes just amazing. and it will help me get myself centered before i head to philly with renee for the weekend. ooh, and im meeting marla! woohoo!

peace, love and locks