i am due to blog but everything going on around me is making it more difficult for me to get my feelings into words.

this past week my son celebrated his 11th birthday. gosh, every year i feel a bit more old. i surprised him with having the woodside's and tyler's over to celebrate. made his favorite mac and cheese and had a peanut butter/chocolate cake. it was a very nice time :)

things have been a little crazy here as god and i have been spending a LOT of time together and learning more about eachother. well, i am learning more about him. he kinda already knows me. and he knows the desires of my heart...even if sometimes they change often. for the most part what i have wanted has remained consistent.

for of those of you that KNOW my story, sorry for repeating myself. for those of you that DONT....here ya go.

i mentioned in previous posts that i had to live in a nursing home and was in a wheelchair. it was horribly difficult for me. i only saw my son twice during that time frame and was emotionally not able to handle it easily. to say i was broken is a gross understatement.

i can admit to honestly losing my faith for awhile. pastor bj would come visit weekly...sometimes a few times a week. i had other visitors also which really encouraged me. but what i was needing was something from GOD promising me i would be ok.

my absolute favorite story in the Bible is that of noah. (hence noah's name.) the part i love about the story is that they used a white dove to scope out the situation. and that white dove brought back an olive branch. that olive branch was the sigh noah was looking for.

well, i asked god for my olive branch and got it in spades. here is the song that i wrote about the situation....i hope you love it.

god continues to bless me and has me on this majorly intense journey right now. when i can share more i will. i am practicing using my filter. and it kinda is making me more antsy. but the more antsy i get, the more i pray :)

my dreadlocks turned 14 months old on babe ruth's 116th birthday, bob marley's 66th birthday, the day my pastor announced he was being reappointed and a friend was being appointed ds AND superbowl sunday. oh yeah, and the song above debuted! it was a highly emotional day for me.

for those following my countdown...we're at t minus 10 days. good lord.

the days are getting longer which means winter is almost over...although in syracuse that means about may...haha.

in my mind i'm goin to........