happy friday!

apparently the fullest moon will be tonight. gonna go take a look here when i am done.

and since it's the FULLEST moon does this mean the REALLY crazy things will happen?

i think it might.

about a year ago, i was wishing i had a guy to go to concerts with. not to date but just for company. i love going to concerts and with most of my friends not having as much flexibility as i do...and dont really caring for the kind of music i do... did the only thing i could think of. i placed a personal ad. stating honestly that i just wanted someone that could catch a show or two with. pretty simple.

there was one man that responded that is the only one i remember. i never met him. we talked online a few times and one night he called me on skype. what he was looking for that night was nothing i was willing to give. when i explained that, he got very upset with me and said i was selfish.


wow. i mean, that is a harsh word. it honestly made me stop and think as to if there was truth to it. i didnt talk to him again. and i realized he was upset i wouldnt do what he had asked and that made me selfish in his eyes. in my eyes, pushing me to do something i am morally against is considerably disrespectful.

about 11 months later. (in spongebob voice)

i was walkin today to get my massage and see a coffee truck pull and stop in front of my house. since i've lived at my place, i havent really gone walking outside thanks to all the white stuff. figured i had a neighbor that REALLY loves coffee. im chatting with a future client on the phone (sorry sarah!) and this man out of the van and up to me ....

"hey" rashid
"me? can i help you?" me
"i just had to stop the car and introduce myself to you" rashid
"um, ok? do i know you?" me
"yeah, we used to talk on skype and online. my brother has dreadlocks." rashid
"rashid? ah, yes, you called me selfish. so why did you want to say hi to me then?" me
"can we look past that and start fresh" rashid
"if i said no would you say im bein selfish?" me (im too sarcastic sometimes.)
"i stopped the car to see you. that has to count for something." rashid
i gave him a hug.
it then dawns on me he is in front of MY HOUSE!!??
"what are you doing in front of my house?" me
"i deliver coffee to (and he names the places but im not gonna) several businesses on your street. i saw you come out and i knew i had to stop and say hi." rashid
"well, it was nice to meet you. im not sure your intentions for stopping but this whole thing has flattered me. thank you for making me smile." me

and i walked to get my massage.

i have NEVER EVER had something like this happen to me. i am flattered but definitely not even remotely interested.

guess i was looking remarkable today or something.
just a little too funny to NOT share.