hey :)

sorry its been a few weeks. its been crazy here! all good ways too. ready?

noah had winter break the end of february so we decided to ditch the 120+ inches of white stuff and head for blue skies and yellow suns. we stopped in richmond as i owed my friend frank some of my homemade mac and cheese (for the record...it wasnt my best batch sadly enough. i owe him a better one in april. but he didnt notice. he LOVED it.) and to meet up with james. while we were at james's house, we put in human hair extensions for my son's first set of dreadlocks.

it was nice getting to spend the time together. we then proceeded to check out the area we are moving to (T-3 months 29 days) and found the area to really have what we want. and the ymca complex is so HUGE! we are going to really enjoy going there often.

we then drove to see the burgess family and to pic up our new pup. his name is diego burgess martin and was taken un via the burgess family to the humane society. i must say, mona, from stokes county is just truly a beautiful woman. she helps us get everything taken care of so we just had to pick him up. it is always nice getting to spend time with the burgess family. all the love and hugs and kisses and snuggles and laughs...its just wonderful. if we could bottle their love and share it...

check out the little stinker!

after spending so many days away, i just really wanted my bed. homeward bound is ALWAYS the worst trip. especially knowing the weather we were going to be blowing into. i decided i wanted to make one last stop on the way home.

i have met someone thanks to dreadheadhq and this blog. she is so amazing. i was only 1 hour from her and KNEW i just wanted to meet her and spend some time with her. unfortunately i had a long drive so we only got to spend 1.5 hours. she is just as amazing in person as she is online. (here's her blog if you are interested. )

we got to the ny border and BAM. snow. i kinda cried the rest of the way home. the trip was wonderful. i got to meet some incredible people and know that the most amazing connections were made.


i will be making the treck again in 7 weeks for and am really excited. that will be the last time i make the trip back to ny to get to our house! that makes me very happy.

i feel totally refreshed and have an immense sense of peace as i know i am doing what god is asking of me. and it is causing me to have to put how I want to do things aside. what i think is amazing? his plan blows my ideas out of the water.

while on vacation i got several calls from fans of jason castro. i finally called jonny and talked to him about offering him a sponsorship or something. i started the phone calls monday. left another one today. wonder how long it will take to get ahold of him?

THEN just a few hours later, i was doing the live chat and someone messaged me about doing her dreadlocks! ok so im excited that someone is going to be driving 6 hours to have me work on their locs ONE WAY! yeah, pretty excited for that! well, then she asks if she can do a piece of knotted by knature for high times magazine! now talk about AMAZING! it will be on their website!!!

these next few months are going to be crazy, i am nervous and excited! there is so much to do to pack up two households to combine to one and get a place that will suit as many of our needs as possible within our budget. for the record, yes james is moving with us which makes me uber stoked and noah really likes him too. but let me set the record straight...we are just friends. we are moving at snails pace. and i must say, it is so nice getting to know someone so deeply. and for those of you that know me...i dont usually take much time ever. i go where my heart/head tell me. this time, im doing it how it should be done. and its pretty awesome. i am not sure exactly how to register a child in a new state for school ... although honestly we are talkin about homeschooling.

i am interested to see what will come of the interview and tryin to get jason castro. the more i am following god, the more he is connecting me in ways i would have NEVER imagined. and sharing the trip with noah and james makes it even more awesome. it seems more and more amazing people are coming into my life at the correct times.

well, ok. so now onto the next exciting adventure :) suggest my blog to people! wonder how long it will take before jason castro catches wind of this?

peace, love and locs

ps...don't know who he is? here's his song that is all over klove :)

guess this song is kinda fitting for this blog eh? wow. see? this is what i am talkin about!