On May 24th, 2010, I wrote the following blog


The part of the most importance is the date and where I talk about what I would like to do.

While Uj and I were looking for a place to make a homestead a reality, I forgot completely about this blog. What was cool is we were on the same page about what we wanted.

So here was our wish list for our homestead.

1. big bathtub for betsy
2. ice maker on fridge for noah
3. garage / work space for Uj

Then we decided to elaborate further...

1. Poplar Trees on property so Uj can beekeep.
2. Car lift to work on vehicles
3. well water
4. a place with water for Juno since she will not have the James River daily anymore.
5. hardwood floors
6. fireplace
7. place for bands to play
8. place to do dreadlock work
9. ability to make money off property
10. room for gardens / chickens


One night while talkin to Uj, I found an ad on Craigslist that described the majority of things we asked for. After calling the landlord, I KNEW I found our homestead. Uj went to look at it 2 days later and gave the landlord the money needed for us to secure the place. Move in date? May 25th, 2011.

One night, I decided to re-read my blogs to see how I have grown as a person / mother / female / sister / daughter / granddaughter / spiritually / emotionally etc. I stumbled upon the blog above and stopped for a few minutes. Salted Earth was going to be a reality 1 year and 1 day after I wrote my blog.

Please keep in mind, the ONLY thing I saw on this house was the craigslist add and then devoured every google hit for the new address. I saw a few pics. What I saw looked nice enough to raise our family. See, Uj is kind of sneaky. He didn't disclose EVERYTHING about the house so that way I would be surprised.

Mission Accomplished!

We were sitting on the front porch of our new home on the first night and could smell nothing but HONEYSUCKLE! Who loves honeysuckle? Uj of course :)

While he was walking me around our new property, he shows me the DAISY FIELD! Who loves daisies? I DO!

while walking the perimeter of the property, there is a stream. Who loves water? Diego and Juno both do!

While walking the back of the property, there are trails and blackberry bushes and ponds. Who loves exploring? Noah does. (Who am I kidding? We ALL do!)

I mean, it has EVERYTHING! EVEN down to the car lift.

The landlord told me that he knew this was our property because there are "Sweet Betsy" Bushes in the front of the house!!!

But we don't want to call it Salted Earth Homestead. That was MY thing. Uj is his own person and we need something that will reflect our family.

It has been said that when God wanted to talk to his followers, that they would go to the highest mountain to hear him better. It has been said that when Bob Marley wanted to meditate he would go to his rock and lay with his dreadlocks under his head and spend time with the one that created the Universe. The Bible says to "Build your house upon the Rock (God)" over and over. The county we live in is all built on really hard rock. (You should SEE some of the rock gardens around here!)

Seems we have a common thread ...

So Ladies and Gents, Hippies and Yuppies ...


There is a SLIGHT pun / play on words. (Hey Tim Fletcher, did you catch it? I'll wait if you haven't. lol!)

On May 14th, 2011, we moved into On The Rock Homestead :)

The landlord did tell one other interesting detail. He acquired this house through his old friend that was dealing with foreclosure. This house went on the market the first week of January, 2011. Why is this an interesting detail to include? Well, simply put ... it's when Uj and I started talking.

Due to the way we are now eating and the incredible changes in myself physically ... and in wanting to show people that it is EASY to live the lifestyle of a hippie / protector of the earth / defender of animals...We will be doing a YOUTUBE channel! We will show our projects, foods, gardens, concerts and ways to live sustainably! We live a simple life of love, acceptance, trust, honesty and have God / Creator in the center of all of it.

Hey, did I mention that there are ELEVEN PECAN TREES? Seriously, ONE Pecan Tree will drop about 600 lbs of Pecans a season. They go for $10/lb unshelled and $15/lb shelled. Family, be prepared for the rest of your life, my gift to you will PROBABLY revolve around these nuts.

God has plans. He has INCREDIBLE plans. He truly knows what he is doing. In my 34 years of existence, I have NEVER had such a close relationship with God, I have NEVER been loved the way Uj loves me and I have never had such PEACE! I am an ever-evolving, godly woman. I am excited to see what is in store for our homestead!

Our FIRST big project will be getting the barn ready to be invaded by DREADLOCKS!!!! muaahahhaha!

When the neighbor says "It's about damn time we got some hippies in Zebulon"...you KNOW we are gonna have a blast!

Peace, Love, Locs