2 blogs in a week :) woohoo!

tomorrow, my church family is Rocking the Routine! instead of our regular service, we are all meeting at 9am and having a worship service TOGETHER! (i have been a member for 5 years. there are people i still haven't met because i attend the 1045 service....not the 9am one!) it will be nice to meet new people, see who sits where i normally sit and to have the church so packed it spills out into fellowship hall! then we are all going out on projects around our church and into the community. i am helping with the HOPE FOR HEATHER ribbons (www.hopeforheather.org) that will be passed out at the fair and other functions. i am feeling really good about helping because heather is my friend gary's daughter. she passed away too early due to cancer. she and i were both sick at the same time. i feel so blessed i am still alive and living a wonderful life. i sometimes feel guilty that she is gone...she was so young, full of talent and life. it was hard seeing my friend's family grieve in such a hard way.

there are about 20 other things people can do for rock the routine. some are going to vera house to do some interior painting, helping sort clothing for the refugee clothing drive, going to the rescue mission and helping out, cleaning up a park, helping a single mom with limited income with some work around the house....

seriously, how amazing is that?!

after we do our "jobs", we are all meeting back at the church for a coverdish dinner and then a worship celebration together. unfortunatly, noah has a birthday party to attend so i will miss out on that.


at 7pm, we are going to believer's chapel (i think...gotta check the tickets) to worship with PAUL BALOCHE!!! come on! i am so excited. for those of you that do not know him, he is well worth the lookup. he is one of the top worship leaders in the country...i beg to say in the WORLD...but that might be a little outlandish...might be right on...not sure. when he and ROBIN MARK get together...oh man, its INSANE!

i am fairly excited (ok, fairly is an UNDERSTATEMENT) for tomorrow. going to sleep tonight might be a little difficut.

at SOME point, between pneumonia and rock the routine, i GOTTA find time to work on my dreadlocks...they need some serious attention. been kinda lax since vacation.

well, i gotta go get some things done. just dont want to overdo it too much today.

peace, love and locks,