i am in the process of saving $ so i can move down south and buy some land to start SALTED EARTH HOMESTEAD. for several years, i have been desiring a place where i can hold concerts often, have fresh eggs, have a nice garden to supply veggies, maybe some fruit trees, log cabin, solar panels or wind turbines....to get back down to basics i guess. rick reese said he would be more than willing to build the log cabin...so now i need to just save save save.

in trying to think outside the box for extra income to make my dream a reality, it occured to me i should prob offer my bathsalts. knowing that my dreadlocks matured faster than 6 months, i figured out it had to be my salts. the bathsalts have helped my skin in ways that i cannot begin to explain.

so knowing i would be seeing jonny and sloan, i decided to bring them some to try. as a way of saying thankyou and hoping they would feel the positive effects that i felt. well not only did they love them, they agreed they would help dreadlocks!


i posted on the dhhq site and found a few people that were willing to try them out. what excited me more is i shipped one to denmark and the other to uk! that was amazing!

and the response from people using them have been INCREDIBLE! i started the etsy store thanks to the help of a wonderful Amy (again! not sure what i would do without her help!) and waiting my first sale. several people have emailed asking questions...so just waiting.

i talked to gary weeks sunday and mentioned to him that in september, i wanted to do a push to raise $ for www.hopeforheather.org and he said ok. so in september, there will be tourquise lids and saltcloths. $1 from each purchase will go to help fund ovarian cancer research and help carry on Heather Week's legacy. will be nice to help out.

i want to do something for cervical cancer awareness also...so i'm looking into that.

so i guess salted earth homestead was created a little earlier than i planned...but it's all good! i am hoping others can enjoy the effects of the salts and share them with everyone. i will eventually be putting out there different uses for the salts aside from skin and dreadlock care.

if you havent had the chance to try them, my etsy store is linked to my facebook, or you can add saltedearth homestead to your friends list via fb (pick the one that has the pic...the other one i couldnt get into after it was created..)

well, i just did a nice soak at michelle's house so i better go do some palm rolling and cwr!

peace, love and locks,