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I was asked to go to Youngstown, Ohio area to help Beth's dream of being knotty come true :) What a sincere honor and joy it was!

Beth is an herbalist and has 3 kids. She is married to Jim who does some awesome work with silver. I was honored to be asked to help her out.

When I got there, the smells of her little shop overwhelmed me and SMELLED SO GOOD!!! Beth gave me a huge hug, checked out my dreadlocks and we sat down to chat.

Her hair was mid-lower back. I should have measured how long it was. I was so worried it would take a lot of time but it actually only took about 18 hours. We did 3/4 inch sections through most of her hair...some are only 1/2 inch sections. We used the accelerator and then I did 7 dreadies the first night.

Tuesday, Beth's daughters (Leah, Becca and Jen) came over to help dreadlock. Her girls are amazing. I kinda got adopted into the family. We all got so silly and laughed SO hard. My stomach really hurt! Her hair was a great texture as the dreadlocks went in fairly easily. Her daughters really seemed to love giving "mom" the locks she wanted. When we finished the day, there were only 7 more to go...woohoo!

Wednesday, Beth and I took an hour long road trip to meet up with Jennifer Rose! Jenn worked on my hair as I was waxing Beth's hair. It was awesome. I wish we had more time but I KNOW we will all meet again.

We got back to Beth's house and had a pizza party with her daughter and two of her grandkids. It was just so much fun.

I really, REALLY enjoyed my time with them all! I look forward to Beth's locks maturing and helping her out as much as I can.

Fellow dreadheadhq users...please welcome BETH!!!

peace love and locks,

so in reflecting on the fact that ive had dreadlocks for almost 6 months, figured i would do a few product reviews for ya!

Dreadheadhq Shampoo...
This stuff is simply amazing. i love how clear it is when it comes out of the bottle...you can see the difference right off the bat! i use a nickle size portion every monday and thursday when i wash. my locks feel amazing after. i like how they dry so fast...then again, my hair is only to my shoulders. i let my son try it (he has regular hair)...and woah, his hair was SOOOO SMOOTH and felt and looked amazing! i recommend this shampoo to EVERYONE!

Dreadheadhq Wax...
ok, disclaimer. if you DON'T like wax, relax. this is MY review. please do not post negative comments on this!

so this wax smells amazing. i LOVE the hemp seed oil...its just awesome. i used the suggested amounts from dreadheadhq and used it for 1 month full time and 1 month part time. it has helped my locks keep form, i have NO residue or dirty spots as people claim you can have with wax. i have been without wax for 4 months now...and my hair is clean, healthy and scent-sational!

Dreadheadhq Butta...
do i really need to say anymore? the smell is insane! i was at shakori hills grassroots festival and people i was around said my locks smelled good enough to eat! i LOVE how soft and frizz-free my locks are. i dont use it daily...only every other week. this is probably one of my fav products!

HONCHO = LOVE! i didnt think i would miss a brush on my scalp cuz my daughter had been doing my perms for a few years...but oh man, i sure did. so i sucked it up and got this. oh was i just really not prepared for this! it feels so good! ya know, when a dog scratches up against something and has that look of "oh yeah"? yeah, thats kinda of how it feels...just wonderful. its like the honcho is kissing my scalp so my hair grows faster! if i could marry an inanimate object...this would be it.

Hope this helps you decide what to use! there are other products that i use that i will do reviews for another day! (blogspot has been crashing and its making me scared that i will have to do this for a 3rd time!)

peace, love and locks!

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