Hello :)

I was asked to go to Youngstown, Ohio area to help Beth's dream of being knotty come true :) What a sincere honor and joy it was!

Beth is an herbalist and has 3 kids. She is married to Jim who does some awesome work with silver. I was honored to be asked to help her out.

When I got there, the smells of her little shop overwhelmed me and SMELLED SO GOOD!!! Beth gave me a huge hug, checked out my dreadlocks and we sat down to chat.

Her hair was mid-lower back. I should have measured how long it was. I was so worried it would take a lot of time but it actually only took about 18 hours. We did 3/4 inch sections through most of her hair...some are only 1/2 inch sections. We used the accelerator and then I did 7 dreadies the first night.

Tuesday, Beth's daughters (Leah, Becca and Jen) came over to help dreadlock. Her girls are amazing. I kinda got adopted into the family. We all got so silly and laughed SO hard. My stomach really hurt! Her hair was a great texture as the dreadlocks went in fairly easily. Her daughters really seemed to love giving "mom" the locks she wanted. When we finished the day, there were only 7 more to go...woohoo!

Wednesday, Beth and I took an hour long road trip to meet up with Jennifer Rose! Jenn worked on my hair as I was waxing Beth's hair. It was awesome. I wish we had more time but I KNOW we will all meet again.

We got back to Beth's house and had a pizza party with her daughter and two of her grandkids. It was just so much fun.

I really, REALLY enjoyed my time with them all! I look forward to Beth's locks maturing and helping her out as much as I can.

Fellow dreadheadhq users...please welcome BETH!!!

peace love and locks,