wow, i had the best weekend! i got to meet up with Amy, Meg and Melanie! it was so much fun. we met up at northwest park in hartford and enjoyed the beauty. we all brought food to share and the kids got to explore this awesome park. amy didnt waste anytime diving into my dreadlocks. i didnt think she would go ALL THE WAY through ALL my dreadlocks...but i must confess, her work is outstanding! between amy and jenn my locks look amazing! i still want to go meet up with the knotted empresses at sometime.

i am looking forward to meeting up with other dreadlocked folks.

i traded some of my dreadwraps and salts with meg for a skirt she's making me...and its STUNNING! i also gave amy salts for the goodie bags she is using :)

the fellowship was so easy. you would think meeting up with "strangers" would be awkward but it just flowed like we saw eachother the weekend prior!

i'll post pics individually as posts as this uploader is making me crazy.

i'm looking forward to meeting more dhhq dreadheads and have sent a proposal to jonny and sloan...here's to hopin!

peace love and locks,