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hey all

so yeah, i blew out my L5S1 for the third time. i knew i was in trouble cuz of some of the side effects. dawn took me into crouse hospital where a crazy week ensued.

so for starters, i have so many family members with diabetes that i am at HIGH risk. my dr decided to have me start glumetza so i can AVOID becoming diabetic. also, please keep in mind, my blood pressure is picture perfect :) when a body is in pain, the blood pressure goes up. makes sense right? haha, wait until you hear this.

ok, so im at one of the BEST hospitals in syracuse. the nurse came in and said "hey, it's time for your finger stick." now, i am under the influence of their best pain meds (diulated) and knew i was mentally numb..but i also knew i didnt do finger sticks ever. so i told them no. you would think i killed the nurses dog. then, another nurse came in and said it was time for my insulin. i have NEVER taken insulin EVER in my life and want to keep it that way. so after arguing with them for almost an hour, they left me alone. this persisted for 3 days. i finally had enough and requested to speak to the dr that ordered these things. after an HOUR of talking with the dr, i got him to cancel the insulin AND finger stick. i had to give him ONE stick and if it was ok, he would cancel it. well, guess what? i hit it right on the nose :)

a day of "peace" goes by and they start asking me if i would like to take my blood pressure medicine. i can only imagine the look on my face. i have NEVER in my life ever taken blood pressure medicine. it is always 120/80 pretty much like clockwork. after 4 days of refusing it, i again ask for the dr that prescribed this. in walks this little woman with a indian name. i wish i could remember. i was being discharged and she showed up. she says she will give me some motrin to deal with the blown disc (yeah, cuz THAT is gonna help). she says she doesn't want to send me home with anything stronger cuz of my blood pressure issues. i started to laugh. i told her i have NEVER had bp issues not have i EVER had bp meds. my family dr is pretty amazing and she would have had me start them if she thought i needed them. i explain to the dr that i refused the meds everytime...she says she even lowered the dose....i couldnt help but laugh cuz she had NO IDEA i NEVER took the meds she prescribed. she says she will call my family dr to clarify things. i tell her i will save her a step and called my dr. in 4 min i had my family np informed to what is going on and she asks to speak to this dr at crouse. the dr was no where to be found. 15 min later, she is in the o.r.. so in walks peter sinatra. he is a pa i guess...i cannot really remember. i just remember i liked his bedside manner and his name made me think of my dad's love of FRANK SINATRA. he tells me he has cleared up the mess and apologized.

the nursing staff was only 25% with it. the night staff was so loud that you couldnt even get sleep with the door closed. my best sleep was 6am-10am cuz the shifts were changing and the morning shift wasnt really awake yet!

i DO have to thank ALL Of you that came to visit, sent cards, emailed, called, text messages. SUPER COOL kudos to Jonny and Sloan for using their status message to canvas for prayers. that was super cool. and hey, little brah, johnneh, i'm assuming you told them so kudos for lookin out for me!

the weirdest thing at crouse was my 2nd night there. i woke up with my hair being played with. i though i was dreaming. i woke up and looked and there was a nurse checking out my dreadlocks. apparently the fact that i was white and knotty spread through the floor like wildfire. haha. she said she had to see for herself cuz another nurse said they were really awesome. she and i talked dreadlocks for about an hour. her bf has them (twisties) and we discussed the pros and cons of ethnic vs white hair. i gave her (yes, cuz i keep em on me) my dreadheadhq card so that her bf could try the shampoo :) yes, even in sincere pain, i gave dhhq props. lol.

many many many thanks to michelle for getting noah to camp aldersgate and for bringing him in for daily was a NICE change from the norm. i asked noah how it was hanging out with michelle and dawn with me in the hospital. he announced it was SO awesome cuz he got to see me every day. that was awesome. it helped me more than i could ever thanks michelle and dawn.

surgery will be in about a month after the complication is taken care of. then im looking at 2 months of recovery. for now, im walking with a foot brace...but could be worse!

well, i gotta go get michelle's boys and then catch up on emails and maybe figure out how to make a dhhq we'll see what happens.

peace, love and locks!

Noah, Scotty and Aidan goofing around
Amy and Phoenix workin on my locks


wow, i had the best weekend! i got to meet up with Amy, Meg and Melanie! it was so much fun. we met up at northwest park in hartford and enjoyed the beauty. we all brought food to share and the kids got to explore this awesome park. amy didnt waste anytime diving into my dreadlocks. i didnt think she would go ALL THE WAY through ALL my dreadlocks...but i must confess, her work is outstanding! between amy and jenn my locks look amazing! i still want to go meet up with the knotted empresses at sometime.

i am looking forward to meeting up with other dreadlocked folks.

i traded some of my dreadwraps and salts with meg for a skirt she's making me...and its STUNNING! i also gave amy salts for the goodie bags she is using :)

the fellowship was so easy. you would think meeting up with "strangers" would be awkward but it just flowed like we saw eachother the weekend prior!

i'll post pics individually as posts as this uploader is making me crazy.

i'm looking forward to meeting more dhhq dreadheads and have sent a proposal to jonny and's to hopin!

peace love and locks,

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