so yesterday was the 16th. that marks the 3rd month of me being legitimately CANCER FREE! woohoo! i am trying to not get all carried away. i dont want to psych myself out. yesterday also starts the one month countdown to my trip down south! it's going to be great getting back to shakori hills grassroots fest. there are a few places that fell like home...this is one of them. the love and music that pours out...ah, it does my heart good! i am making a few pitstops on the way to shakori. im bringing noah to his FIRST EVER phillies game at citizen's bank park. oh yeah :) then we are going to have dinner at his paternal grandparents house one night. im meeting up with jonny from dreadheadhq to meet, chat and eat maurice's gourmet bbq (mmmm hash and rice!) and spend time with mom and dad! then taking a 2 day stop in atlanta to spend time with christen, bob and the kids...and a day with rick reese. then off to shakori.

while i am at shakori hills, i will get to spend time with my old friends rusted root. i miss preach, dirk, patrick quite a bit! will be nice to see them. i will also get the chance to spend time with bela fleck. wootwoot! there are other bands that are going to be there that i am excited to see again...donna the buffalo (as always!). note to self...try to get a date from jed for lost jams...i was wanting to set up a dreadheadhq booth but the people putting it on didnt think it was as good of an idea as i did. im hoping jonny can get me tons of those little cards cuz there are about 18,000 people that i will come into contact with!

yesterday ALSO is the day my friend earle came to visit. he pops in and out on a whim. anyways, he has had dreads 11 years. must be nice to be able to have twisties turn into such gorgeous locks! kinda wish i was black for that reason. well, he had this one lock hanging by a hair...literally. it had 1 smaller dreads coming off the piece that was hanging on for dear luck. so we dreaded it into one of my locks. it looks cool and silly all at the same time!

now my back looks terrible in this pic! uggh. i am in serious need of help on my back...earle said he would make some time to come help but he doesnt have a clue what to do. guess some good clockwise rubbing and palm rolling are needed...hey jonny, wanna lend a hand? (that would be pretty rad!)

tonight, the 17th is st patrick's day. so michelle, her kids, noah and i head to quaker steak and lube to hear boots n'shorts play. totally amazing this band is! i just love them! (check em on myspace if you are curious...well worth the listen!) it was like a private celebration for me in relation to yesterday. i was (again) the only one out with dreads. its kinda cool and im getting used to the stares...but a little insane at the same time.

(michelle and me being silly!)

i feel like this has been one big ramble! i am so sorry if you agree...i have so many things bouncing around in my head. well, guess i should finish talking to john, a fellow dreadhead and then head to bed. i am pretty exhausted. i took my grandma to the dr and then to do errands. then out for dinner and music...and sitting here, all the time outside and kind of overdoing it...yep, im EXHAUSTED. more soon!

peace, love and dreads!