hey all,

ok, so time for the weekly blog. this week has been a little crazy and unfortunately has ended on a sour note for me personally. i am feeling quite frustrated as things i do tend not to flop. but then again, you can only succeed as far as your support will carry you. guess i didnt have much support....which is quite a shocker for me.

i am shocked at how many people are shocked when i have a bad day! i didnt realize that i was so upbeat that when i have a bad day, people kind of freak out. its kind of funny...but still stinks at the same time.

relax people, betsy can have a bad day too!

i am very much looking forward to my venture down south. some good time in philly, with family and with some free-wheeling hippies is just what i need. probably more than i should admit. and i am of course looking forward to meeting jonny and sloan ... well, not sure sloan is coming out ... but i know jonny is! i am also looking so forward to seeing rick. i havent seen him since i was preg for noah. although we talk often and text even more often ... a part of my heart is sad cuz i havent seen him in 10 years. that DOES mean my tattoo will be nearly finished in seeing him. he still has to sign my arm. im not looking forward to all the driving...but cannot wait for 10 days of oh yeah :)

anyways, my dreads are almost 4 months old. minus the roots and the very backs, im so beyond thrilled with them! i am still amazed at the looks i get from people. it makes me giggle hearing the comments.

last night at the lost horizon, a guy came in with some insane dreads. i dont know this guy and i didnt have a chance to talk to him. i sat at the bar, drinking my water, and heather (bartender...she's pretty amazing!) came over and asked whats up. i told her i was feeling kind of self conscious because that guys dreads were awesome. i told her i LOVE mine but feel a little insecure around others with them. she said to not feel self conscious because mine are awesome. ahhh, i wasn't looking for a compliment but i could tell she genuinely meant it. that made me feel better though.

i dont really struggle with self image issues...my weight, well, thank the wheelchair, stress and the inability to exercize the way i am used to...but i will reconquer it all as soon as i am fully healed. i do go walking and bought a yoga video for when i am released medically. to be honest, i am itching to work out.

well, anyways, if you love good music, the band that played for me last night was great. www.whatitis.biz they are called iS and they recently opened for keller williams. thanks to the first band for NOT showing up until it was almost over (and it was the band i was the most excited to see out of every band ive booked! sigh) and the sweet 16, the crowd was way too small. and the owner of the club pulled the plug. said i could do shows every 6 weeks...and that is great...but i had to just cancel 4 shows. not cool in my book. but i understand he takes a loss. maybe starting a concert series the week before march madness wasnt brilliant. i am currently trying to save the april 8th show with pia mater and sophistifunk. and rally and people able to come out...well, that would be indeed fantastic!

so im off to go get bongo on his leash and hit the pavement. its a much needed walk.

peace love and dreads,