Hey :)

So, this is an email I sent to Jonny...was too good to NOT post publically!

so i've been thinking and reflecting of the changes my year has had. i do this every birthday. then i got to my hair and my healing and how i truly feel they are connected. well, then my thinking went kinda south...i was thinking about the little things that changed with dreads that i had NO IDEA about.

1. the insanely long time it takes to dry hair...
2. had to get new winter hat
3. had to get a new windbreaker due to velcro
4. absorbing smoke or other crappy smells and how to get rid of them or protect against them *
5. when they get longer, they are gonna be HEAVY and i have metal in my spine...how much can my neck take (this one scared me most of all.)
6. hair gets stuck in weird places...inside of my iguana cage when i am cleaning it out, in the door jam of the car when ive waxed, on a lose nail that i didnt know was there (yeah, that hurt!)...etc
7. how to control the urge to palmroll or cwr in the MOVIE THEATER or while driving
8. how many hours of serious work these are gonna take
9. getting dreads caught in a necklace clasp
10. preparing to meet some of the CRAZIEST people that you love and dont know what you would do without]]

it's been kinda funny thinking of these things...how about them ops pts? lol. so yeah, think it could be VERY comical and show a different side to the thinking process. i will SO totally help...and wish i had editing software. i miss making stupid little movies for college!

so there you have it! lol. let me explain the *.

in ny, there is a law (its several years old) that states you cannot smoke in public bldgs, including bars. no biggie. i LOVE going to hear bands and not smelling like an ashtray the next day! it encourages me to go out more to be honest! well, if places wanted to KEEP smoking, they had to get a seperate vent system and enterence / exit. so in feb, my friend mary and i went to adams, ny to this little hick bar to hear THE TOWNIES and FREE GRASS UNION (look em up...they are pretty amazing!). not only was i shocked that the bar HAS a smoke room, the bands played INSIDE IT! oy. mary and i went in while FREE GRASS UNION was playing. just some seriously awesome bluegrass! was nice meeting the people and the band. the bands changed up and i stepped outside to get some MUCH needed air...the TOWNIES took the stage and ripped their jams up! it was awesome. the smoke, however, wasnt. so while THE TOWNIES were playin, Happy Cassie came over and we were chatting. She commented on my dreads and that she used dreadheadhq stuff too! it then dawned on me, OH NO! I HAVE DREADS AND THEY ARE GONNA BE SO FULL OF SMOKE DAYSSSSS! talk about mini crisis! i sing at church and didnt want to smell like THAT in church! uggh. luckily, happy cassie knew what to do!

it just makes me giggle. i mean, i have dreads. it's just hair, right? well, so many things need to be thought about before you get them...and until you actually live with them, you dont know or cannot think of all the angles. am i angry or upset? ABSOLUTELY NOT! i love them. (wish the backs were easier to work on...but alas, such as life!) just thought i would post this to help people out.

peace, love and dreads,