hey folks!

well, since ive been questioned by a few people about medicines...and i firmly believe conventional medicines arent the greatest...

here is what i do to help with my constant state of pain...

for starters, i do take estrogen due to the hystrectomy. im not really a fan of it...but it works. the hot flashes were just so bad.

secondly, i drink emergen-c. it is PACKED with vitamin c which helps me not get sick and helps me feel better. believe this is or not, i prefer the pink lemonaid flavor so far! (that was given to me by a friend who didnt like them.) the raspberry is my second favorite.

now, to help with my migraines and pain, i DO use thieve's oil. its pretty amazing. it has also helped keep away colds! a few drops on my feet massaged in and poof! when i DO get a cold, i use RSV. it's amazing :) it's a combination of every euclyputus plant oil crushed and smells awesome. i actually stumbled on it when i had H1N1 columbus day weekend!

i have been lucky to use the pt that i was taught and breathing techniques i learned. the diet i use has helped also. now if the weight would start coming off i would be happier :) that will come off eventually!

the other thing that i have been asked is how am i healing...well good news in that area! i am discharged from the nurse as of friday!! i mean, all they have been doing is dressing changes (wet to dry) and vitals. they were monitoring my pain and claimed i should take the pain meds as prescribed...but if i can make it without taking them...well, then everyone wins! i save my insurance company money, i save me money and i dont have to infect my body with man made chemicals! its a win - win imo!

i feel that i am setting a great example to my son be seeking alternative medicines that are godly made...not man made. yes, the estrogen and emergen-c ARE manmade...but nothing else is.

ok, hope this helps those curious minds!

im heading to bed. i didnt sleep well last night and i have SO MUCH to do tomorrow :)

peace, love and dreads

ps...if you believe in the power of prayer, my son and i could use all the prayer you can give! when i am at liberty to discuss more, i gladly will!