oh yeah, so i was really encouraged the other day when i stumbled across amy. she is a dreadhead momma and pretty down to earth. she and i became fb friends and she says she now has a blog and asked me to read it. we have more in common than i realized! i was pretty shocked to read that i was the encouragement for her to start blogging! how awesome :) well, she is totally MORE computer literate than i am. i thought i was ok...but she has helped me get this blog where i wanted it! i noticed she had a really cute layout. she mentioned this site and that she saw one that made her think of me. voila, its the one i liked the best! so here ya go....! tada! my new look :) its awesome!

it caused me to sit back and think...

i mean, ive only had locks for just over 4 months now. but the WHOLE DHHQ (www.dreadheadhq.com) community has been INSANELY LOVING! always there with encouragement, words of advice if meh locks are needing words of advice, a laugh if i am having a hard day...shoot, jennifer is sending me a .7mm crochet hook cuz she got several from ebay and didnt need that many and i am sending her (jen - they went out in the mail today!) bath salts that i make...these are people i have NEVER MET! but know that if i am in the area, meeting them would be totally a possibility! i mean, amazing.

ok, well, castle is on tv and ive had such a busy few days! i have LOTS to do before i take off for vacation :)

peace, love and dreads,