well, as promised, here is my next blog! i want to disclaim this now. the opinions in this blog are MY views....not necessarily those of www.dreadheadhq.com. let me explain. i am a christian and the dreads have helped me draw closer to god. (also, disclaimer, i dont capitalize anything...not out of disrespect. i think my brain goes faster than my fingers...) so in me stating my christian beliefs, they may not necessarily be what jonny and sloan believe. ok, ready to rock and load?

i guess first off i am a christian. i am not religious. i believe in god, jesus and the holy spirit. i believe that the bible is truth and that when i die, i will go to heaven and hear "well done, you good and faithful servant.". these words haunt me daily as i try to be a "jesus in skin" to everyone i meet. my uncle stated that i suffer from g.p.s. no, not global positioning service, good person syndrome. i believe that because jesus did things for people, i should also. fair enough. i have had to learn that it is ok to say "no". that was probably the hardest thing for me!

what do i do while working on my dreads? well, that one is easy. if i am doing it solo (usually the case), i have itunes cracking out all the christian rock i can listen to! chris tomlin, chris rice, audio adrenaline, jj hellar, acappella, robin mark, paul baloche, keith lancaster, barlow girl, ami shroyer...etc. i spend the time singing, praising god, praying and listening. i tend not to answer the phone, watch tv or play on the computer. that behavior, i save for when i have friends helping.

when i am able to take the time to shut out the world and focus on godly things, i have such a sense of peace and love. sometimes, it is so overwhelming that i cannot help but cry and thank him.

when the dr suggested meds to help with cancer, i refused. i KNEW my god would heal me. i attend the most AMAZING church (christ community umc is baldwinsville, ny) and the prayer warriors there are just...well...beyond words! my pastor (bj) has been very instrumental in prayer and support through my rough few years. he even lovingly renamed me "betsy-JOB"...lol. (job...the man in the bible, not what you get dressed for daily.) anyways, its not that im against medicine...i just knew my body has gone through so much i couldnt put it through more.

i believe so much in the power of prayer. i know that prayer is awesome. i love that while working on dreads i can spend the time connecting with the man (or woman) that created me!

if you do not believe, that is your choice. i have been through so much that god is the ONLY explaination possible. do i have all the answers, nope. will i ever, yes...i believe god will reveal things when i get there.

i used to focus on eartly things...having an iphone, laptop, good home, good car, money..etv. can i confess i was MISERABLE! and not just a little...COMPLETELY. since i have shifted my gaze to god, i trust that he will fix things in his time. does what i've been through stink? completely. but i know i am stronger for it and have a better testimony.

anyways, i feel like im chasing bunnies...

during my hour long god sessions, god has revealed that he loves me. over and over again. he loves me. a huge sinner that deserves nothing. but he loves me anyways. he has given me new lyrics to give to gary (my songwritting cohort) to turn into another worship song. (weve already done 2!)

i struggle with being single sometimes. well, i guess considering why i am currently single it has been more difficult. but i know that the only love i need i already have. would i like to find a man to love unconditionally? yeppers! no question there...but am i content in being single until then? yeah i am. there will be hard days but he says in proverbs "guard you heart for it is the wellspring of life". how awesome is that!

not sure what i will blog about next...
see y'all soon!

peace, love, dreads,